Do you want to become a member of the club, please contact the cashier fill out the form below.


  • Single membership: DKK 405 - upon registration after 1.8: 187 kr.
  • Family membership: DKK 445 - upon registration after 1.8: 232 kr.
  • Breeder-registration of puppy buyer: DKK 200 - upon registration after 1.8: 100 kr.
  • Europe: 470 kr.
  • Overseas: 570 kr.

Single membership: for 1 person.
Family membership: for 2 people at the same address (Will only receive 1 magasine). Has importance in polls, participation in certain events, admission to TopTi lists and the more.

If your breeder signed you up as a member, you have a single membership. If you want to change the type of membership, just contact the cashier..

If you are interested in joining the club, or for more information about the club and its activities, please feel free to contact us by phone or online. Anyone who is interested in the two breeds English Bulldog and French Bulldog can be a member. However, one cannot at the same time be a member of another dog organization, unless this is recognized by DKK.

Upon request for membership, you will receive an invoice on the membership fee.

After paying the subscription you will receive a welcome letter and the club's most recently published membership page.
Admission to the breeder lists, puppy lists and breeding lists and participation in the Top Ten competitions can take place after 3 months. prior uninterrupted membership.

You can pay the club by bank transfer: Danske Bank, Bulldog Club, remember payment details.
IBAN: DK27 3000 0004 1527 51.

* Remember to write invoice no or what you pay for. All payments where there is doubt about what the money should go to will be paid back..