About the club

The Bulldog Club is Denmark's oldest special club under DKK. We have been here since 1908, and we are very proud of that.

The board of the club works on a 100 percent voluntary basis and consists of people who are all very interested in our races and how we have the best club for our members.
The board counts 5 members, divided among our 2 breeds. Under the board and committee you can see the board members. Don't hesitate to contact that person if you have any questions.

The club holds exhibitions all over the country and on each side of the Great Belt. For these exhibitions, we hope to see many of our members, with their dogs. Of course, people who are not members are more than welcome. If you want to see our exhibitions, you can go to the exhibition section here on the page.
In addition to exhibitions, the club organizes a number of activities when there is enough interest for this.
It can be anything from mentality test, judicial seminar, health seminar - to common dining at some exhibitions, invitation to joint walk or play opportunities.
If you go with a dream of getting a bulldog, take a look here, you will find breeders you can contact and ask for advice, you can find puppies on the road and puppies for sale. You can find our breed's standards and more.